MAGIC CIRCLE "Magic Circle" CD or Cassette

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MAGIC CIRCLE "Magic Circle" CD or Cassette

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MAGIC CIRCLE "Magic Circle" CD or Cassette
CD in jewelcase packaging with 4 page booklet.

Armageddon Shop is proud to announce that the MAGIC CIRCLE "Self Titled" album is now available via the Armageddon Shop in house imprint.
Recorded in 2011 at the infamous Paincave in Massachusetts and mastered by Carl Saff. Drawing from classic NWOBHM and traditional metal influences, this five piece comprised of veteran local musicians (Mind Eraser, Rival Mob, Doomriders, etc) have turned out a well crafted solid as hell metal album. They've definitely done their listening homework over the years. Strong and catchy songs, heavy but not tuned down, recorded well but not overproduced, it captures the old DIY ethic of metal in the early 80's. The vocals have an almost Ozzy quality at times, solid as hell. We're totally stoked on this record!

"A solid rejuvenation of the classic heavy metal framework. Brendan Radigan’s vocals are reminiscent of Witchfinder General, albeit with more operatic power and dynamics. Production wise there is an attempt to recreate that rawness of early heavy metal, with a more beefed up bass drum sound. The whole approach is known as ‘purist’; no flares, no synths, just guitars, and drums and nothing else. All well and good, but what of the compositions themselves? Well it really is just a tour of classic metal. There are elements of Witchfinder General, but also bigger names like Sabbath and Priest, Maiden and Rainbow. MC gel all these influences together into an energetic and dynamic album of new but familiar heavy/doom metal. The whole package is well put together and undeniably enjoyable to listen to. Beyond the nostalgia however, there is an ambition and magic to the structure of these tracks. Magic Circle have breathed life into old formulas by reminding us that beneath the familiar licks and the vintage aesthetics lies a transcendent romanticism to metal." - Encyclopaedia Metallum