GRIEF "Turbulent Times" 2LP

GRIEF "Turbulent Times" 2LP

GRIEF "Turbulent Times" 2LP

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Euro Import

We have an exclusive distributor’s variant pressed on “White smoke” transparent natural clear vinyl, ltd to 400 worldwide.

Extra-thick gatefold sleeve printed on 425gsm craft Crownboard, with brand new art.
180g heavy-weight vinyl.
First vinyl pressing ever with audio fixed by Colin Marston,

A collection of unreleased and out-of-print material.
Compiles the following very-hard-to-find limited releases:
Split 7” w/ Dystopia (1993)
Split 7” w/ 13 (1993)
Split 7” w/ 16 (1995)
Split 10” w/ Soilent Green (1995)
Split 7” w/ Supression (1995)
Split 7” w/ Corrupted (1996)
Split 10” w/ Soilent Green (1997)
Plus unreleased and re-mixed tracks.
67 minutes of putrid and punishing Sludge Doom.